Kärcher Window Vac WV 5 Premium incl. accessories, window cleaner for windows, tiles, shower & cabinets, exchangeable battery

Efficient: Original Kärcher Window Vac removes wastewater from surfaces immediately before it drips down – for effortless window cleaning without drops or streaks

Nozzle attachments: Choose between two sizes of blades to clean large glass surfaces or smaller windows and cabinets – the Kärcher WV 5 Premium makes all corners of your home sparkle

Streak free cleaning: Not only suitable for the cleaning of all smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors or shower cabinets but also perfect for hard-to-reach corners, thanks to the manually adjustable distance guides on either side of the blade

Persevering: Uninterrupted window cleaning – thanks to an increased battery life and an exchangeable, separately sold replacement battery, you can clean a surface area of up to 105 m² (ca. 35 windows) on a single charge

Delivery contents: 1 x Cleaning head, broad (280 mm) with suction blade and adjustable distance guides, 1 x cleaning head, narrow (170 mm) with suction blade, 1 x extra spray bottle with pad retainer, size adjustable, 1 x microfiber cleaning head indoor (for spray bottle), 1 x detergent concentrate 20 ml (water roll off effect), 1 x exchangeable lithium-ion battery, 1 x battery charger